How does a humidifier vaporize water?

Evaporative Humidifier A fan draws air from the surrounding area into the humidifier and pushes it through a moistened wick that is submerged in water. Water evaporates into the air, creating moisture. This also cools the air in the process, making it a good choice in warmer climates. Evaporative humidifiers work by drawing dry air over or through a damp wick in the tank.

The water inside the tank will begin to evaporate, and as the steam increases, the humid air returns to the room. During the process, heat is removed from the air, causing cooler air to be emitted back into the room. Evaporative humidifiers are the simplest type, whereas the more complex components are a fan and a wick filter. The filter is a mesh made of cloth or paper.

It acts like a sponge and absorbs water, taking it from the sink to the top where the fan is located. From there, the water evaporates into the air.